Thursday, May 22, 2008

Here Today...Ghana Tomorrow

It's hard to believe that we started this whole process over a year ago. Now it's simply a matter of days before we are on our way! For a little background, see article at :


sliz said...

blog, blog, blog....where are you two? Missing you on this side of the world...Hope your adventure is spectacular so far (like you'd have any other kind) you, sliz

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris and Tammy
Hope you reached Ghana safely. Look forward to hearing from you both and finding out where you landed for work. Benches for MU and Morrill are complete.
Mark C

markc said...

Need to reach you with some info about a man in Ghana you will want to meet. e-mail soon.

travelgirl said...

Chris and Tammy,
George and I have been wondering how you're doing. It was great to meet you shortly before your departure.