Monday, January 18, 2010

“Two Once-in-a-Lifetime Experiences” by Tammi & Chris; 18 Jan 2010


We spent Christmas night camped out in style on the Serengeti Plain.

Our Tanzania safari was incredible, and did we see the big 5?

Oh yeah!

And then some...!

This is for you, Cyn

What made it all really special is that we were able to share the experience with family.

No one can express it quite like our guide, Mussa,

but the best way to summarize the trip is to simply say “Wow!”


Since we were going all out, Chris and I decided on an once-in-a-lifetime twofer. After parting with the Frittses in Nairobi on New Year’s Day, Chris and I flew to Rwanda.

The genocide museum in Kigali was a moving reminder of the human atrocities that took place in this beautiful country in the not so distant past. After being so warmly welcomed by such kind, gentle, people it was especially difficult to grasp the events that took place. At the same time this emphasizes the need for every child in Rwanda to visit this place (which is thankfully happening) as well as the need for all people around the world to visit similar sights at least once. Unfortunately being human is not always something to be proud of. Memorials around the globe like these serve as important reminders of the past in hopes that our ugly history not be repeated.

After paying our respects in Kigali we were off to seek our next once-in-a-lifetime experience in Volcanoes National Park.

Tour package, $ 750 pp

Park entrance, $ 500 pp

Spending 1 hour with a family of endangered mountain gorillas...$ Priceless!

Now that we’re feeling refreshed and incredibly blessed, we’re ready to tackle the final six months of our Peace Corps Odyssey.