Thursday, April 2, 2009

"Portaits of Ghana" by Chris; 02 April 2009

After a lot of the heavier blogs I felt that maybe we should take a break and do something simple.

I have always been that kind of guy that will only shoot pictures of the landscape and natural scenery but not people… until now. Since we’ve come to Ghana I can’t help it, I want to take pictures of everyone, especially the kids and I have made it into somewhat of a sport. You sneak up on them, not that the kids would catch you but that the adults would catch you and want to also be in the picture or want to “compose” the picture for you. While we were in Old Tafo during training, we happened upon two young girls, one of them with a baby doll strapped to her back. Tammi asked to take their picture (as we always do) and they were quite excited, then an adult decided the picture would be better composed if she were holding the doll. It was not. I also enjoy taking these pictures because the Ghanian people are simply beautiful.
What follows is a series of portraits and I was told to make you all aware that Tammi took all the good ones. Actually I think I can take credit for all of these...
One disclaimer: It may seem that all these people are unhappy having their pictures taken. Well for some reason most Ghanaians do not smile for pictures. I have asked many times why this is but no one can really tell me why.


JHS student

Girls with additude

Playing hide n seek


Primary students marching during Independence Day celebrations

One of the neighbor kids

Village Elders